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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bohyme brazillian wave - rocking my Tracee wig

Meet Tracee - yes she's named after Tracee Ellis Ross. I created her awhile ago but never really blog about her- she's circa 4mths old now and she's still going strong :).

I love wigs - infact every natural should have a wig at home - it's a great protective style, it's fun and often works out cheaper than weave - plus poorly installed weave breaks your hairline - #helloNaomi - ok that was a bad joke -

I'm a sucker for curly hair - It truly takes less effort then straight hair - I'm not very good at flat ironing so I rock fros and curly mostly.

This wig was created using Bohyme Brazilian Wave - I used 2 10inch packs - would go longer but i have to 2 busy chicas that love to tug/pull on everything - so this a great length for mums :)

The curls are usually more defined after you wet/twist - but I the rough can't be arsed curl definition is just right for me

curly wigs

Bohyme brazillian wave

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