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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blog direction etc

Yippee it's June 1st - June is my birthmonth - YAY!! I'm all very excited about turning a year older and wiser - YES!!

So re this blog - I've thought of shutting it down and restarting on another platform(likely wordpress) and really having a clear direction on where it is going - but I think i'll keep it and just revamp it a wee bit - so expect to see a few changes here and there . Most people come here for my Marley twist braids - but expect to see more features on healthy living, mummyhood, fitness and ofcourse hair.
My food blog will remain a stand alone blog - I also plan to update frequently so check it out :)

New focus :

Healthy living - this will be centered around Food and Fitness for busy mums. I'll share what I currently do, where i shop, what I eat , my regimen and just tips and habits I've picked along the way

Mummyhood : As a mother of 3 under 4 - it can be tough daily - infact it is exhausting - I promise not to vent much but I'll share our random haps

Fitness : I'm not certified yet but I've read a ton of books on fitness, movement , exercise etc and I'll be sharing what I do - I'm all for impact and not necessarily effort - so you won't find me working out 6 times a week - because quite frankly ain't no busymama got time for that

Hair - As a new mum of twin girls with A LOT of hair i'd say natural hair is definitely here to stay . I wear a lot of protective styles these days(mainly wigs) - but I'll share how I manage my daughters hair - phew! i think i'll need another blog for that :) -

Random stuff - inspiration, quotes, music ,prayer, books , women/girls stuff etc

Who is the blog for? this is for my friends, my sisters, my daughters and shuu all the busymama's out there doing their  thing daily

Why : because i've got plenty to share and I'm really just documenting it for myself :) as I often refer back to my notes

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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