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Monday, June 9, 2014

#100HappyDays- Day 2

So I've just realized this task is incredibly easy for me to do -it's really the little things that make me happy - so Day for 2, I have a few but I'll focus on just 1 - ok how about 3 :)
1) Namecheap customer service - so I recently registered a domain with namecheap -30mins later I realized it made better sense to go with Bluehost ( comes with multiple freedomains, better for wordpress etc) . Namecheap states no refund on their website -but I emailed them and they kindly refunded my moolah - no questions asked ;) - now that is awesome! - thank you Namecheap.
2) (prompt delivery) - I placed an order for baby formula via Amazon circa May 27th. The ETA was June 20th -but lo and behold 2 out of 3 boxes arrived today -June 9th - oh what joy!! I can't wait to try the formula.  Now my hope is that me girls love it :)
<sidenote> I've been supplementing with Baby's Only Organic and it's a wee bit constipating -so I'm happy to have found HIPP Organic - not only is it organic but it also works out cheaper -even with international delivery - now that is pure joy.
3) The sounds of my girls babble always makes me smile - it seem like just yesterday that they were born , now look at them - time really does fly - I love my kiddos.
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