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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 2014 everyone! !!

Happy 2014!!

So I'm blogging from my phone (excuse any typos).  I'm loving this blog app-hmm It looks like I should be able to blog a wee more often now-Yay!

Yes I've been away for a long long time - but I'm back now . So what have I been up too?
Well my life completely changed  4mos ago- I'm now a mother of 3 kids under 3.5. Went from mama of 1 to 3 -yup you guessed right I had identical twin girls back in August - it's been crazy and plenty fun at the same time. Who would've known that I would ever birth twins eh? GOD IS SIMPLY AMAZING! !.

Anyhow I better go finish my book - I figured I should test this app .

My declaration for 2013 was that it was going to be Epic! ! And it sure was.- 2014 is going to be Stupendous! ! I wish you all the very best - all.for your kind messages and support -.mmwaah!!



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