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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm BACK!! Hello April!!

Gosh! I feel like I've neglected my lil blog - The past few months have been crazy busy - one thing after the other - times like this I wish I could just vlog instead of blog  - so much has happened and really didn't have time to pen it all down - but I'm back now - Infact right now I'm still working at almost 10pm and I said to meself I really must post something today without fail  - I don't know where to start so I'll just begin updating my current haps

1) - Co-organized my very first 5K RUN/WALK event - this was for my church. The race was a huge success - It was great to see people come out to run and really have a good time - Planning was an enormous feat - infact at some point I had so much going on and really just wanted to give up on it -but thankfully me co-planners pressed on - and together we pulled it - All thanks to God. It seemed impossible at the start.

2) -I stopped the Jamie Eason program awhile ago - I opted for a personal trainer but that didn't fare well - Now I've been advise to take it easy by the docs

3) - Work is super crazy busy right now - yet another round of planning , plus it's also tax season - YUCK! working long hours to to meet up

4) -My hair update is non existent - I've been rocking wigs back to back - infact I made a cute Tracy wig - inspired by Tracy Ellis Ross - I love it - I will take a few pics and post shortly

5) My food blog  has not been updated this year - CRIKEY! I'm so embarrassed - I just have way too much on me plate - I really do need an assistant - work and at home

6) My son T turned 3 last month - we threw a lil party at Chucky Cheese for him - he had such a lovely time. Infact speaking of T - Do you know this child almost gave us the shock of our lives -I really don't know what  would've become of me had it not been for God.
Two days after his birthday - T decides to try new things and somehow managed to open the front door and ran out of the house - just like that  - we found out maybe 5-7mins later - but by then the police had been called - we live in an enclosed subdivision - but somehow my 3yrs thought it would be fun running to the main road- I die! I really thank God for good neighbours - they stopped him from running to road and called the police immediately -Phew! I can't even fathom what could've happened had it not been for them and God - I shall not bury my child in Jesus name!!

7) I need to start monetizing all my efforts now -I met this lady on FB who owns a Nannyfinder service - such a lovely lady - we've been FB friends for a bit now - so I pinged her and asked for a daycare referral - - and she told me she normally charges $199 for referrals - I'm like WOWZERS!! here I am giving info free left right and center and people are monetizing their efforts -err Jojo you need to step up - Nonetheless she did say she'll do it for free this time - but I was inspired by her - it is perfectly ok to eat from your gifts

8) Finally - this year is going to be an incredible one - a lot of life changing haps coming up and I'm really excited and nervous all the same.

Anyhoo , I better run now - Thank to my new subbies - you're very welcomed!!

Till next time

Stay blessed!!

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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