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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Protective style] Marley twists

I've been rocking my Sonia wig for about a month now and I'm now bored stiff -- been thinking of new hair styles - and thought to go through my hair catalogue :) (yes I do have a hair catalogue). I came across these pics - and thought hmm this should be my next hair style - I haven't done Marley twists in yonks -since 2009 when I took these pics - - my plan is to do it this Friday - gosh I hope I don't change my mind as twisting/braiding is just too time-consuming

The style pictured was achieved using Marley hair, I can't remember the brand but any Marley hair should do. Marley hair is the softer and longer (stretched ) variant of the Afro bulky hair used for kinky twist. i used maybe 3 or 4 packs of hair

How I curled it
After twisting , I sectioned into 6 or so parts - braided each section and dipped each section into hot water for 30-45secs (no more than a minute)

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