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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[UPDATE] Jamie Eason's 12 weeks fitness program- END OF PHASE 1

Woohoo! I've just completed Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason's LiveFit program. What can I say I don't like it I LOVE it! It's truly the bomb diggity . I really should've taken some before and after photos but I really don't see that much difference in body size - a couple inches off my thigh and waist but the real money is the incredible amount of strength I've gained - for sake of rambling I'll state the pros and cons


1) No cardio  - if you cardio regularly then you'll definitely would not like this. I couldn't cope without cardio - so instead I reduced to 7-10mins interval training. Just be sure you don't treadmill after a legs workout -pssh! I learnt the hard PAINFUL way - set me back 2days :(

2) Gym - for the most part you'll need a gym membership -  this is not a home workout program. Jamie does provides a couple workout for days you can't get to the gym - but to succeed you'll definitely need a gym

3) Time - I feel the workouts were not intense enough - so not only did I add cardio - I increased the reps where possible.


1) Intro to gym equipment : I've never really knew how to effectively use the gym equipment. I've always played it safe with the treadmill and elliptical - but this program will see you come to play with the big boys - # hello barbells, leg raises, calf raises etc

2) Excellent how-to videos - all the workouts have accompany how to videos - excellent for explaining good form - so even though you may know how to already -it sure doesn't hurt to watch

3) Muscle strength - I can attest to my new muscle strength - I can now squat using a 70lb barbell - from 50; dumbbells now 20-22.5 from 10  (note I still use 10 for laterals ) - that's a killer . Me arms are much firmer and stronger - my push ups more sturdy - I'm now able to do 10 good push ups (from 5 ) - as my son T will say - I'm so proud of me ....YAY!!

4) It's free ! you can't go wrong . I guess they make money off the supplement sales - but I'm not into taking supplements - I'm perfectly ok with the free program

Wanna do some real workouts  then I totally recommend Jamie's program. Totally ROCKS!!

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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