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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Viola Davis On Wearing Wigs

“I took off my wig because I wanted to step into who I was. I felt like every time I put on a wig I was apologizing for being a dark-skinned woman with curly hair, like I was hiding it.” I felt like I was saying, Okay, my characters aren't glamorous but look at me. See me. Aren't I pretty......- Viola Davis

Quite powerful statements from a such a dignified lady. I absolutel love Viola , she's an amazing actress - so compelling . She's entitled to her opionions about her hair and it not a reflection of every black woman. Infact   I really should speak for myself - here's what I posted earlier to my facebook

'' <singing> I am not my hair!!I am not this skin.I am not your expectations no no....

err natural hair bizness is mega DEEP for some people - I kinda see where Viola is coming from but really should hair define a woman's content? does confidence come fr
om the external or internal? when one dies does the hair immediately die too or are we really spirit beings? 

As a fully natural wig/braids/crotchet wearing woman I do get treated differently depending on my hairstyle - but does that change my core being? I think not . Maybe the issue here is self identity and society's perceptions of beauty - - -

thoughts people ? are you your hair? is Michelle Obama any less powerful because she wears her hair relaxed/straight? isn't funny how Africans/blacks abroad are all going natural whilst the ones in Africa are rocking weaves/wigs like there's no tomorrow - is that too an identity issue?''  - Jo Uthman

What are your thoughts?

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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