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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips for renewing contract with AT&T

Every 6-12mth AT&T and I always have a fight - we go back and forth on promotion deals, discounts etc. Usually AT&T will promise me something and not deliver - but over the years I now know exactly how to deal with them . This method has saved me up to 40% .of the full service cost

Here are my tips

When your contract/promotion ends with AT&T here's what you do 

1)Call and tell them you want to cancel - (do so politely) - don't ask for renewal just yet

2)Once they know you want to cancel the ball is now your court ask for exactly what you want - eg same promotion, other discounts

may get a stern rep that will tell you that there's no promotion and there's nothing they can do - this is where you breathe in and again politely ask to speak to a manager 

4)If no manager required usually the rep will offer you the current promotion and if you're really good (sweet talk) they'll keep you on the same promotion

5) If manager gets involved - you need to be direct and again ask for exactly what you want , throw in good paying customer and how you value their service - and voila! you'll not only come out with what you want but you'll get a discounted bill - IT HAPPENS ALL TIME - just takes patience - if you don't have that then just stick to renewal

6) CONFIRMATION! CONFIRMATION! - the AT&T reps have a way of promising you ish without updating the notes - in order not to get a surprise bill the next month -

 1)be sure that the discount is effected on your current bill (this is automatic) - you stay online with them and check your bill for the immediate discount .

 2) request a confirmation email with a summary of your billing details - this takes 10-12hrs to generate - so make sure you're on it like white on rice if they don't send it to you

7) Take note of the reps name and number for backup

8) All in all - you can most of the time get a 20-40% off your bill -now that's worth something - - I got 35% with a $100 immediate credit (total savings of 44%) - now that was worth the 30mins effort me thinks 

This not applies to all service companies - they want your business , if you're a loyal customer then you deserve a break

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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