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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[fitness] Kickboxing

Jab , Cross, Hook!!

I started kickboxing again today -thanks to one of the many livingsocial deals :) - $20 for 1 month unlimited classes. I took the 6:30am class today and I'm beyond sore now - why I did I think I was fit - OMG! I could just about keep up - the warm-up exercises were a killer ; but I'm glad I signed up - it's always nice to change your exercise routine, else your body plateaus.

I don't run as much these days as I'm trying to give my sprained knee a wee  break. My current routine is gym and home work-outs at least 3times a week . Gym workout includes interval treadmill training, strength training and sauna :) - Home workouts is skipping, circuits and kettle bell -  this has worked nicely for the past 3months - but I've stopped seeing results and thought to change it up a bit by adding kickboxing -- my goal remains washboard abs - that's all I want - not too much to ask right :)

Dream abs

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