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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Black Friday Experience


Year after year I wonder the craze about black Friday; err so you mean people would queue up 10-24hrs for a sale? like seriously? did they wait all year for this one day or is it to get Christmas pressies or WTH ???
Anyhoo , this year, per usual didn't have any specific in mind but figured I really should try to use my Macy's discount vouchers - so off we all went to Macy's - hubby went to mens and I to kids to get stuff for T.
I walked about for like 15mins and thought where da heck are the deals? it's all business as usual - even with the extra discounts I'm better off buying from TJ Maxx - so off I went to look for hubby - I didn't even bother with the women's clothes - the whole department store thing just doesn't work for me .

Anyhow , called the hubby and he was like I also can't find anything but give me five more mins - in that time I went to Body shop where they had a 3 for $30 sale - I quickly snatched my three chosen products ; two vitamin c skin boost (rrp $26) and one seaweed moisturizing cream (rrp $16.50) - total savings before tax - $38.50 - so that was all  my Black Friday deals. To be honest I don't really need anything - would love a cast iron to make frittatas however just confirmed my anodized calphalon is oven safe YIPPEE!

How was your shopping experience?

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