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Sunday, October 21, 2012

[New hairstyle] Crotchet Marley braids

Crotchet braids with Marley braid hair

I got bored with my hair again - not sure if it's plain laziness - the hubby thinks it is - he doesn't understand why I won't just let my natural hair be instead of the protective styles - err pssh in my head - Natural hair is a ton of work! I absolutely love my hair but sometimes I just want to be free of hair thoughts - I want to get up and go without factoring hair styling into my getting ready time ; also after say five days of wearing my hair out, it no longer co-operates with me - this becomes an additional 15-20mins of my time to get it looking right  - err who  has time for that ? anyhoo I'm just ranting now - this is my latest hairstyle - Crotchet braids using Marley braid hair .
Marley braid hair is usually used for Afro kinky twists.It is the soft variant of the bulk type afro hair that is also used for kinky twists.
This is a quick cheap cheap hairstyle . It took me 2hrs to do (cornrow and crotchet) and I used 2 packs of  hair - $4.99 each  - that's under $10 - now that's a money/time saver

freshly done 

after 1 week - looking  even more natural now 

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!


  1. Where can I buy crochet marley hair? I live in Orlando and I do not believe the hair stores have that kind of hair here.

  2. All Your Styles Are So Beautiful And Natural Looking! I Loved That Most Of Them Are All Crochet! I Spend SO Much Money On Sew In's I Believe This Is A Better Alternative! You Exude So Much Class Queen ...Peace!

  3. You and your hair are beautiful! Go sister!

  4. Hi, I experimented with marley braids after getting bored of the water wave look. MIne did not turn out like yours :( I'm wondering, did you cut the marley braid hair in half before installing it? I didn't when I did mine and ended up with soooooo much hair, then I ended up butchering it when I cut it after installing it. I'm thinking do redo it within the next couple of weeks and seeing your pics reminds me that it can be done and look fab! Any other helps and tips would be appreciated, such as cornrow braid pattern used etc. Thanks! Shanade