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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Au naturale v non-naturale

I attended the TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed conference today at the Philips Arena, Atlanta. It was electrifying. This was my very 1st time of seeing Bishop TD Jakes preach live on a stage. I gotta say that man has presence. His wife Serita is equally charismatic. The speaker of the evening was Paula White - Oh my when she came on stage the 1st thing I noticed were are stilettos (HOT DANG!!) - I absolutely loved her message - she spoke to me in so many ways - God bless you Paula!

Anyhoo , back to the point of this post - today I rocked my natural hair - I haven't done so in a hot minute. I really should be keeping tabs on the growth - but I'm not - It looks healthy and that is what matters more to me. I have no intention of wearing it straight so length doesn't really bug moi.

so which is suits me better - weave/wig or natural ?

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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