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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Sun-Herald City2Surf - 14k race

The day was Sunday, 12th August - only 3days prior Jojo decides to run the City2Surf - In my head I thought meh 8.7miles not a big deal , so snatched the spare bib at work . Everyone tried to warn me of the killer hills but I did not listen - Oh boy was it tough - It seemed like it was never-ending 4k of the 14k course was straight hills - called the heartbreak hill - I stopped twice - totally underestimated the steepness - - ended with a finish time of 84mins(6mins kilometer).

It was nice to finish with a medal - well everyone got one :) - I wouldn't have minded a wee banana and some snacks though :)

before the race

waiting to get started

right after - i'm a medalist :)

Bondi beach - twas far too cold to surf

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