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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm in Sydney !!!

I feel like I've neglected my haven - I always have so much to write then when it actually comes down to it - I really can't be arsed - err talk about procrastination or lazyness :) - Anyhoo, looks like I have a wee time on me hands today to reflect - - I tend to write more when all is not so well -not sure where this is going but I wanted to share that I'm in Sydney , Australia - OMG!! If you know how many times I've wished to be here you'd belive that dreams do come true - anytime I'm blue I wish to be far far far away and say that's it I'm off to OZ :) - anyhoo I'm here for business , when work asked I couldn't resist and started planning away. The whole fam was to come but things didn't work out so instead I cut my trip and left my precious men all by themselves - I must say the 1st week was absolutely great without them :) - I had some refreshing time alone, didn't haven't to worry about anything - no cleaning, cooking, tidying, laundry, food shopping etc - just me , work and SYDNEY.

I've been here for a few weeks now ; and must say it is an incredible city - absolutely stunning!!! I could so live here :( ah well a girl can only dream - I'm beginning to miss home now and ready to fly back ..

at the harbour  - weird to have 'winter' in August 

view from my apartment

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