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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emu oil for face

I've just rediscovered the Emu oil here in OZ ; and I must say I've seen great results so far. I've been using it solely on my face. The Sydney weather is a wee dry (tis winter here).
This oil works like a charm - it does have a slight smell (think chicken fat) :) - but I love it - no more dryness and I can see my skin improving with only a few days of use

Emu oil is essentially the fat from an Emu, a bird indigenous to Australia - it is used to treat fevers,coughs, minor pain, arthritic joints, bruises, cuts and sores. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural emollient .It is known to be good for the face and lips . I picked it up at the local street market and the Chinese lady who was 50 but looked 38 told me that's all she uses on her skin; she said I should I apply twice a day and be sure to use cling film to trap it in for a few mins - I've been doing so for almost a week now (well without the cling film) - and I kid you not the difference is so CLEAR. The only con about this oil is the animal fat smell and also the cost -I once bought a tiny 4oz bottle for almost $20 in the US - but got the 100ml shown below for $23 - I feel like stocking up - but also feel this bottle will last a long time - really do not want expired animal fat on me skin 

Emu - this was taken at the Featherdale wildlife park

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