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Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Running] Peachtree roadrace, 2012

I ran the famous Peachtree 10k roadrace on Independence day. If you're an Atlantan you'll know that running it  is kinda a big deal - I ran with 60,000 people - yup that's right 60,000 - it was surreal.
Running the race was a last minute decision for me - I decided the Friday before and the race was on a Wednesday. I did a 2 day training and was good to go - thank God for stamina.
I must say it was one of my best races yet - It tops all the halfs - I really did enjoy it . My timing could have been better - I finished in 56:47 , personal best so far is 54:08 - ah well
The weather wasn't too bad - mid -high 70s , the first 3miles of the course was downhill and then uphill afterwards , the crowd was beyond excellent , live music thruout the course , plenty fuel stations - there was even one for holy water(via the local Catholic church) - how cool was that eh ?

Will certainly run it again next year -oh and I got the coveted t-shirt :) - YAY


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