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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Protective styles]Box braids - My new hair style

Ever since I saw the below pic I've been wanting to get box braids put in - I wanted them exactly like the chic in the pic, well a tad shorter but still quite long. After wearing my wigs for quite sometime I figured it was about time I gave my hair a real break. Prior to this install the last time I had braids in was 3years ago (see below)- this was my 2nd attempt at braiding my hair myself. I must say it took hours - this is one hairstyle I won't be redoing in a hurry - I think I'll make it my mid-summer hair style:) 

Time :14hrs :(
Hair - 4.5 packs of expression kanekalon hair

- cheap if you decide to do it yourself
- low maintenance

- time consuming
- can be costly - you're looking at a min of $150 - 200 for this style
-impractical - maybe I need to get used to the length - but not great for running , also need to wrap hair to take a shower - extra 3mins of my time


1st attempt at braiding (2009) 
2nd attempt


Feel free to leave me a comment or ask questions - would love to hear from you

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