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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Natural Girls Rock - Atlanta 2012

So last week Friday I attended the Natural Girls Rock event , I believe it was their anniversary party.
The event was held at Tongue & Groove bar & lounge, a pretty neat spot if you ask me.
There was a fashion show, hair awards, food, drinks and music.
The event started at 5pm and yours truly didn't get there till 7:30pm  :) err talk about - anyhoo I probably would've slit my wrist had I arrived any earlier.

I wasn't really digging the whole event but I ended up meeting some really cool peeps that made the $16 entrance fee worth it; so thumbs up for networking

 I rocked my Chi-Chi wig - I had planned to wear my natural hair but time was against me.

Here are some pics (taken with my mobile phone) 

moi  rocking my Joe's Jeans - my favourite denim brand at the mo - uber comfy

with me girl U

with Dominique - creator/founder of All things O' Natural

With  popular Youtuber - Nina Ellis Hervey - Beautifulbrwnbabydol

Nina with a fan


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