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Saturday, May 5, 2012

JoJo's kitchen : Quinoa and Red Cabbage

Quinoa ((pronounced KEEN Wah or KINWA).

Quinoa this, Quinoa that  - I've been hearing a lot about quinoa lately that I thought what da heck I really should try it. I picked it up from the farmers market last Saturday- per the label it was the peruvian kind. 

So what is it : per wiki ''a species of goosefoot (Chenopodium), is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, or grain, as it is not a member of the grass family. As a chenopod, quinoa is closely related to species such as beetsspinach, and tumbleweeds.''

Quinoa is packed full of nutrients , it is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. It is also gluten free and easy to digest. 

How to cook it - I absolute had no idea so I googled it - a few recipes came up - but I had none of the ingredients at home - so instead I boiled it and stir-fried it with red cabbage and mushrooms 

see pics below

see pics below


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