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Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Running] Ran my personal best on a 10k

OMG!! I ran the NCR Sprint for Cancer 10k in under 54mins (unofficial time) -the results are yet to be posted. The clock showed a finish time of 54:38 secs but I started a minute or so after the kick-off - I cannot believe it - that works out to be under 9mins per mile (8.53-8.69). Go JoJo!!! Goes to show that consistency does really pay off - I've been working out a whole lot lately - from running to kickboxing to bootcamps to pilates etc - making sure I fully utilize my gym membership :) .

I started running 4years ago, my very first race was a Half Marathon - I went from 0 to 13.1 miles in maybe 3mths or so - I completed the race in 2h 17m (10.45min mile), fast forward 3years and I had shaved 45secs off my time and was quite happy with the 10min per mile - even with my knee injury I was still doing 10-11mins. When I completed the Georgia Half a month ago I finished in 2h 7min (9.77 min mile)- not quite sure how I did so with my knee and the very hilly and difficult course but I finished and was again happy with my progress..

My 10k results of ~54mins is just beyond me- I'm not sure how -I don't even recall running that fast - I remember wanting to stop at mile 2. I do long runs on Sunday(10miles +) and I truly enjoy them so wasn't sure why this 10k was just dragging , after mile 3 or so I thought I'm just going to finish this thing and be done with it - and that is exactly how I finished - the last 0.5mile I sprinted - I saw the finish line and was uber excited and ran like crazy to it - I stopped so abruptly after crossing the line and that led to extreme nausea  - I literally had to hold my mouth to stop myself from puking (sorry too much info) - I hurried quickly to curb and laid flat on my back for a few mins until the nausea subsided....that was indeed a 1st for me -  I guess this comes with running 8.5min mile -OMG! did I really do that - to think my very 1st training I could barely run the 3miles without huffing and puffing, I walked most of it and complained the entire time - to go from that to loving to run and running 8.5min mile - shhuu I'm celebrating this milestone for real - - SO RAISE YOUR GLASS with me  :)

Ability is what you are capable of doing. 
Motivation determines what you do. 
Attitude determines how well you do it. 
--Lou Holtz

just before the race

with Mrs A

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