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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mummyhood - Gymboree Play and Learn

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Ok so I've been looking for more ways to engage my overly smart and energetic 22month going 16years toddler. This child has way too much energy - my goodness!!.

In my search for new fun activities I came across Gymboree Play and Music - T already goes to Daycare but I wanted a wee bit more art and music in his curriculum. Growing up my Dad took me piano lessons, back then I hated it with a passion (I regret it now though - I wish I had explored that side of me)...anyhoo I'm digressing yet again

So I found Gymboree Play and Music online and thought to try it out. They have fun activities for 0-60months - there's Art, Music, Play and learn. , Sports etc. T has been going for about 3weeks now and he loves it.
The Music and Play class was good fun but the Art was a wee bit of a disaster. T was so restless - he did not want to sit still at all. We made two projects  - a pasta artwork (basically glued pasta to a plate and painted it) and a Maraca . T was not feeling any of it -I felt so discouraged because I really want him to learn/enjoy it - It was also pretty odd to see him so uninterested - he rather mess with the paint, climb the table and explore the room itself than sit still to decorate.
After about 30mins into the class I thought I better leave now - but then they brought in the bricks/shapes/building blocks and this definitely did it for him - he was super excited and built a few towers - and was screaming RECTANGLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE - YAY!! so there's hope after all .

If you're looking for ways outside daycare to engage your young children I definitely recommend Gymboree Play and Learn. It is a wee pricey though ($74 for 4 classes) - But definitely worth it.

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