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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Learning to ride a bike as an adult

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Yup I cannot ride a bicycle :( - I can drive, I can run, shuu I even taught a kid how to ride but I can't ride a bike to save me life - <holds heads in shame>
Growing up my parents always promised me a bike for my birthday if I did well in school - which I always did - but somehow it always got postponed - so I never really got it.

Fast forward decades later and the hubby was shocked that I could not ride a bike. He took it upon himself to teach me how to ride - he bought a bike and we went on a few trips - DISASTER!!! Let's just say spouses are not suppose to teach - or maybe I just wasn't ready - but for some reason he just didn't understand how something so easy was yet so difficult for me to grasp - - after maybe 3 failed attempts  I gave up - I just didn't want him to teach me anymore - that was the end of it .

This year I've put learning how to bike and completing a race on my imaginary to do list. I really have to overcome my fears and get on with it - I've been searching online and I've decided to get a road bike. Hubby and I will go check a few out this week - hopefully I get a good deal. I'm bent upon learning this time round - I'm getting knee pads, helmet, chest pads, eyepads lol etc and will practice on grassland - I've also been doing a wee bit of reading - if this fails then I'll sign up for bike lessons - I SHALL RIDE A BIKE this year IJN!! Can  I get an AMEN !!

More of my cycling adventure to come ...

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