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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jojo's Kitchen - Dinner with Kale

Gosh - back to back food postings - am I really on a FAST :)
Anyhoo - this is what we had for dinner today

Daddy bear : - Chicken curry and brown basmati rice
Mummy bear - Kale and brown basmati rice
Lil bear          - Kale and brown basmati rice

The curry was a idea - it came out a wee running - should have added corn-starch - but daddy bear loved it all the same.
As per the basmati rice err daddy bear HATES brown rice with a passion but somehow can tolerate the basmati variant. Well I usually stir-fry the rice - this time I did so with onions, cabbage and a tad bit of stock cubes - both men loved mummy bear is happy .

Anyhoo tis our last date with Kale for the week - on to the next one now

Daddy bear - Curry chicken & rice

Mummy bear - Kale and greens

Lil bear - kale and greens


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