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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where did the time go??

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Oh my ! I have not blogged in 2weeks - been a busy bee since. Plenty has occurred in 2weeks. I wish I could just vlog than blog  - I really do not like writing :) - infact I hate writing. Blogging was a way to force me to write out my thoughts. I do numbers for a living and I'm pretty good at it - I can tell a story with numbers but not words...anyhoo - I'm learning to be more expressive with my written and spoken words -(actually no trouble with the spoken - I can blab for England or New Zealand) - It's sorta weird really. I can meet a stranger and blab for hours and me hubby is the complete opposite  - guess that's why we're a great pair :) - ok starting to digress

So what's being going on with JoJo

1) 1st exciting news - my friend E gave birth to lovely set of twin girls - Oh my gosh they are so cute and delicious. She gave birth on the 10th of January and I met them for the 1st time last week Wednesday 18th. I was in Chicago for 30hrs and really just had to see those cute little miracles. I was there for circa 5mins but it was so worth it. E is a true testament of waiting on God....and God surely deliver and did so in a big way.

2 )It was my 1yr blog anniversary last week Jan 19th - OMG! I was far too busy to notice - Happy 1year anniversary to me. This blog has been somewhat hidden to many - only a few peeps know that I keep it - that wasn't my intention to begin with but I sorta like it - It gave me a chance to be me without feeling like I'm being watched.

3) I'm running the Georgia Half Marathon - Sunday March 18th. I finally decided to do it a week ago and been somewhat training for it. I have less than 60days to go and I'm so looking forward to it - well maybe not - Georgia has plenty hills - so I really need to step up my game and do some hilly practice

4) Aha hair moment - OMG! somehow all that hair and spiritual malarkey isn't malarkey after all - I connected with my soul via my hair last week - more to come but its was surreal

5) I started the Daniel Fast and now on Day 16 - with just 5days to go WOOHOO!!. I feel awesome -more updates to come.

6) 2012 has been great thus far - I've been so in tune with my spirit being and haven't let the physical world bug me too much. 2012 will be year of doing more and talking less for me - I want to impact more - people tell me how I've inspired and encouraged them and I feel obliged to explore this side of me - Nothing absolutely nothing gives me great pleasure than to see joy in people's eyes and to see their soul light up - I get that from my son T almost everyday and It feels great when I've helped someone feel that way. I believe that is my assignment here on earth - - -

7) Ok there isn't really a 7 - but stopping at 6 just seemed a wee dry - tehehee - but all in all it's been a great 2weeks

How was it for you?

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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