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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My hair update

My hair today

After hiding under crotchet braids and kinky twists for the past 6mths; I'm now ready to play with my hair again. This time a wee more informed. I'm bent upon learning more about my hair texture, it's needs, it's limitations etc.

When I started my journey I was a wee carried away with the products and focused more on others end results and not on the 4b/c hair that God has blessed me with. I was more concerned with finding the perfect hair regimen than listening to my hair  -  This led to protein damage due to excessive conditioning and of course no clarifying (due to the co-wash craze)

Proudly 4b/c
plain fro - no curls no nada

10 things I've learnt about my hair thus far

1) My hair is unique to me
2) Protein and moisture balance is hair needs less of the former more of the latter.
3) Mineral oil is not the devil
4) Co-washing doesn't work for me
5) My hair needs and loves WATER
6) Coconut oil is my friend so is Shea butter
7) I only need to deep condition when my hair tells me too
8) I love fros - I don't like wearing my natural hair in protective styles - get me my wig/crotchet braids/kinky twist protective styles please
9) It's not all about curl definition or length - health hair is all that matters
10) Sulphate shampoos is necessary with  Mineral oil use (use sparingly)

After my homemade protein treatment
slowly on recovery path

To restore Protein I did an Aphogee 2-Step treatment. This was my last resort if it hadn't worked I would've chopped it all off. If your hair appears weak, limp and lacks elasticity then it probably needs protein. I'm not an expert so please do your own research before carrying out any treatment.


Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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