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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mummyhood - Potty Training

My 21month old made me a proud Mama today - no he didn't get best toddler award nor did he clean up his mess after eating (gosh I can't wait) - instead he finally 'Ka Ka 'ed in this potty today. This might sound like nothing to the experienced or know it all super mums but for me it was HUGE!. I bought the potty seat over 6mths ago and this child has never used it. Yesterday I thought it's high time I just get it together and work on this very draining potty training phase - so since yesterday I've been consistent with training -(Note I tried 6months ago - but failed woefully - or maybe I gave up too easily). I thought to myself it's New Year and I'm DONE  changing diapers right now - so this lil baba has gotta get outta ft it ASAP

To the Mamas out there  - please share your top tips


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