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Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Apply False Eyelashes

So I've had a pack of false eye lashes for the past 3years (don't ask) - It's just been sitting with rest of my unused make-up products. I've never been keen on lashes partly because it just seemed impossible to put on - well that's before I stumbled upon a few how to you-tube vids. I must say it was rather easy to apply
I pretty much followed this vid - so easy

Results below
Eyelash - Target (i think)
Make-up - Eyeshadow - Mac (2 in 1)
                 Lipstick       - NYX Soft cream Matte
                 Lipgloss       - Estee Lauder
                 Powder        - IMAN Blot powder (Deep)
                 Blusher         - IMAN Posh
Hair        - Jo Uthman creation

pretty natural looking eh

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