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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goals for 2012......

Just 8 days to the New Year - yet another round  of New year resolutions, goal setting , etc - I always have a laundry list of them but this time goals are not so important - yes I'm have big dreams for Jo Uthman Inc...but for 2012 , in fact from today onwards I just want to be a better me.

I want to be a better wife, mother, sister, aunt,  friend, employee, entrepreneur, neighbor  - and the most important is to have God in every aspect of my life - I want to see God in every human being, I want to love more and I want people to see less of me and more of God's glory in me - I want to be less selfish and not just think of my immediate family and friends but my neighbours, my community and the world .I want to light a candle instead of complaining about the darkness around me.

2011 - was a year of strength for me , I prayed more, I cried more , I trusted more, I loved more..... towards the end of the year I began to learn what it really means to have Christ in you , because then you see things differently , you begin to move from the physical to the spiritual - you begin to love more and find love in every human being - you find strength because He is your strength, you find Hope because He is your hope, you find peace because he is the Prince of Peace.......It's a different ball game all together - it sometimes takes a difficult time in our life to realise that He's always there - guiding us.......ok i'm slowing drifting here - ....Anyhoo woke up this morning with the song in my heart - Everything by Tim Hughes. It's just confirms how I want to live  -

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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