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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Natural hair is NOT professional!!!

 Say WHAT!!!

I've heard it so many times, from my Dad(bless his soul), my Pastor , friends , sometimes the hubby tells me I have to dress smart in order to compensate for my natural hair or natural hairstyles.

I must say in all my 2years of wearing my hair naturally - It hasn't really affected my career negatively or rather I haven't really thought much about it until maybe a week ago.

I work for a cool IT tech company who really couldn't careless about what you wear or how you dress - they are more concerned with the quality of your work and who you are as a person -we all wear Jeans to work and in the summer flip flops - so my hairstyles over the years have been somewhat ok -infact they all look forward to my new do - I gladly share the details whenever I can - hair to me is like changing nail polish:) - well that was what I thought -until I got invited to a board meeting - the board is made up internal and external directors of the company - now the internal ones I'm kosher with but the external I was worried - but why was I worried ? I'm not my hair of course - I'm Jojo -- err no for that meeting I had to rep from head to toe literally - given I was the only black woman in meeting I really couldn't just show up with a big ole Afro - so sad but true :( - this is Corporate America afterall.

......oh so I was watching junk TV today - to be exact Millionaire matchmaker and there was a lady with an Afro - pretty lady - and the host (i forget her name) , was like err you have a pretty face but can you do something with your hair ?- maybe like Tyras - WOWZER !!!  WHAT?? SORRY?? EXCUSE YOU!! - again sad but somewhat true - image is everything in America. ...sorry for the detour just had to mention :)

Anyhoo, natural hair to me was simply a choice -it wasn't a political statement or spiritual reconnect or non of that finding yourself malarkey just Jojo refusing to put relaxer on my hair.SIMPLE!- that said we live in a world full of labels - once you can be labeled you can be classified -  how you wear your hair, how your present yourself, lifestyle etc are often what people use to label you. I remember my cousin telling me that with natural hair comes listening to neo-soul, spoken mic, being Afro centric etc all that comes with the natural hair label , nothing wrong with such but non of that applies to me - -anyhoo kinda digressing here - but my whole point is to be professional you have to look the part and you can do so with your natural hair - it's all about how you carry yourself and the confidence you exude - my meeting went well in the end - I must say God took control - I prayed that all they saw was HIM in me and not my kinky hair self.


Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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