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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loew Cornell Make-up brushes...thoughts pls?

OMG! I'm excited about make-up kidding!!. If you know me you'll know that I'm frugal. I hate paying full price for anything. That said I've been wanting to increasing my brush collection from basic powder brush, blush brush and my good ole' fingers :) - Yes that's all I use to apply all of my eye make-up that isn't in pencil form.

I've never really been big on make up applications - if it takes more that 5mins then I'm not interested.
Given my photography sessions will require some light make-up/touch-up I decided to invest in getting pro-brushes. I immediately decided on MAC until I found out the price.-- err worrehel?? $60 for one brush ? err dude that's my entire brush budget -surely the brush can't speak so why does it cost so fricking much.-
Anyhoo, after a couple hours of online research I stumbled upon Loew Cornell art brushes; this is apparently comparable to Mac and it's at a fraction of the price - WOWZER! I'm sold . I hurriedly purchase a few online
today( and now I can't wait for their arrival - YAY!! I hope they work better than my fingers :)

below are some of my make-up apps -using Target powder and blush brush and my good ole fingers for the eyes :)

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