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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bargains : Do you coupon?

I'm bargain hunter - I absolutely hate paying full price for anything - I'll research and research till I find the best deals.Infact I do this with pretty much everything but groceries - granted I have a Sam's Club/Costco membership which are pretty good for diapers and formula and maybe cleaning goods.....

After watching a few Extreme couponing programs on TLC - I figured maybe I could try this - I don't think I'll ever buy so much at once because that leads to waste. We're only a family of 3 and having 30 gallons of Tide and 100 toilet rolls will just encourage wastefulness in my opinion - unless I do it for charity.

I normally go to 3 stores for groceries - Wholefoods/Farmer's market (fresh produce /organic bits), Sam's club (diapers and cleaning), Publix (for the rest) - sometimes I alternate between Kroger and Publix. Anyhoo yesterday I thought to try out this coupon thing so before my trip to wholefoods - I went to their online site ( and printed a few coupons.

Earth Balance organic soymilk - rrp $3.49 - after coupon $2.49
Imagine chicken broth - rrp $2.49 - after coupon $1.49
Oikos Organic yogurt     -rrp  99c - after coupon  -1c ( free plus 1c change)
Stonyfield Organic yogurt - rrp 99c - after  coupon  24c

Total savings - $3.75 - this was nearly 15% of my total bill - pretty much covered the 6% tax and more. When you look at it this way you see that every penny counts.
How fantastic was that - I was really pleased as I bought things that I actually need - my plan now is to always look out for coupons which are readily available online before heading out.My goal is to reduce my bill by at least 20- 30% each trip.

some of my favourite online shopping sites - if you're a Mom then Amazon Moms is definitely the way to go. I actually started buying diapers from there on the subscribe and save program - this works out cheaper than Sam's club - sometimes they beat Amazon on price :) - it's free shipping(over $75) and no tax if you ship outside NC

Craigslist - I can't begin to count the items or steals I've gotten from here. Craigslist allows me to buy the products usually new or near new for a fraction of the price, use it for a period of time and sell it back at a profit - this still amuses the hubby - but it's a skill :)

I'm still in search of a good clothing site - I've tried but not sure if it's me but  I've sorta gone off clothes shopping - I only buy clothes when I really need it - part of me miss London street markets -where I could get FCUK, Topshop etc for peanuts - great style, great bargain -



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