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Monday, October 17, 2011

Originality no Artificiality! Fela Rocks!

Fela Anikulapo Kuti

 Fela! the musical finally came to Atlanta and I had to go see it. It was showing for only 6 days. How could I not go? - Fela's music reconnected me back to my roots - not that I was lost , but I was slowly getting disconnected from my African heritage. After living in the UK for more than a decade - I was expose to all sorts of music - Indie, Garage, House,  Dance, Rap etc - at one point I was a hip hop head - or maybe I was rebelling - but I loved hip hop then - from Tupac, Biggie, Memphis Bleek, NWA, Wu Tang, Method man, Redman, Nas, Busta, Common, Dr Dre, Craig Mack etc you name it I had it - at one point I was buying up to 5 hiphop cds weekly ---ok I'm slowing drifting..

My favourite Fela songs growing up was Lady, Shakara, Zombie - there was something about the beats.Back then I didn't really care much for the political message - I just loved singing along - 'she go say , she go say I be lady oo' - fastforward a decade later in London I found Fela's album on a colleagues itune playlist - I was in awe - this is cool - a white Canadian that listens to Fela - very cool- I asked for a copy of the album and tis been love since -

Fela is obviously a controversial figure, he was a sex machine, polygamist, weed smoker, violent but we all have shortcomings - Fela was fearless, he spoke his mind, he kept true to himself, he stood for what he believed in, he was a master of his art, he was inspirational ,he was brilliant , just like Bob Marley, Tupac, Beatles , Michael Jackson etc -there was none like him - in his own words he was an Original no Artificiality.

Oh the show was amazing by the way - I would definitely recommend.

One thing I learnt from Fela was that he knew he was light and he wanted to shine as brightly as possible.
Let your light shine for all to see - In the words of Tupac - if you have nothing to live for you best find something to die for

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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