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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nursing a Sick Child!!

You really do not know the gift of health until you're sick. The past few days have been a nightmare. T caught a virus from one of his cousins in the UK. I initially was blase about it and thought meh 1-2 days it will go away - but no the fever, coughing, was persistent -Talk about sleepless nights - T will wake up at 3am and start crying, there was absolutely nothing we could do to soothe him - he was tired, weak and in pain - I felt helpless

After almost 3days of constant 101F + temp we decided to take him to the Docs -err waste of We arrived the clinic at 9am for our 9am appointment. We were met by a rude Nurse who couldn't be arsed to look up T's name -instead she rudely asked 'What is the child's name'? errr what?? this isn't NHS darling - I am paying for this ish - I absolutely HATE poor customer service -in my opinion if you're having a bad day then you should take the day off and if people are not your thing then the hospitality and care business shouldn't be either -- arrghhh ! can't stand rude people.

Anyhoo - after taking T's temp and weighing him - she rudely asked - What's wrong with the child? At this point she hadn't introduced herself  - so  I said err sorry what is your name? what is your role? (in me head, i'm thinking I really can't be arsed to repeat meself all over again so best to get me the doc or the right person') - I'm a Nurse, she responded - the Dr will be with you shortly - I said Ok then I'll tell the doctor what is wrong with him.

About 10mins later the Doctor walked in - well I thought she was a Dr, until she introduced herself as a Senior Nurse practitioner -(arrghhh don't they have docs in the frigging place) - anyhoo - I mentioned all of T's symptoms and requested Antibiotics(AB). She said sorry we don't give Antibiotics for Virus, AB is only for Bacterial infection (arrrghh so why am I here) - she said there's nothing we can give you, keep using the Motrin to bring down the fever, he should drink plenty fluids and the virus will run its course - errrr $25 copay later for nada -

In all seriousness - I believe the UK NHS system has spoilt me - I always seem to run to the Dr every 5mins or at least want some sort of prescription later - All in all T is doing much better now - he still has a bit of running nose - but the fever has gone down - Phew!!! thank God

Twas only 5days of headache, I really can't imagine what other mothers are going thru with their sick babies in ICU etc - I pray God gives them the strength to make it thru - We sometimes feel we have nothing to be thankful for - the gift of heath and life are more than enough...

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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