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Friday, October 28, 2011

Grapeseed oil for Skin

So I've decided to use all homemade skin and haircare - ok I lie - I'm yet to apply any of my mixes to my face yet - I still use store bought cleaners, scrubs and cream - however for my body I moving on to my homemade creams, oils and butters. When I started wearing my hair naturally I sorta od'ed on oils - I was an oil junkie - I bought maybe over 20-30 different types of oils - one of the many was Grapeseed oil - I must say I really did not see any benefits of this oil until I started using it on it's own - no extra addtions - just plain grapeseed all over me body - OMG! it's excellent - no more Vaseline Cocoa butter cream for moi - YAY!

I'll list some of the benefits

1) It's a great moisturiser - easily absorbs into the skin - none of that greasy stuff
2) It's nourishing - I can really see the difference in me skin -
3) A little goes a long way - so it's economical
3) Google the rest of it :)- so far I'm only stating what I've noticed .



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