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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello & Goodbye September -!!

JoJo, What happened to you? why didn't you blog at all in September - DARN! I really do not know - I had so much to write about but when it came down to actually penning it down - I can't be arsed and fall asleep.

So I've now left Facebook(FB) for the umpteenth time - The lack of privacy is a wee too much for me- - If I can have all the benefits of FB without actually being a member then that will be great.

Some of the highlights this month

1) London trip - T and I went to London for a friend's wedding - Oh my it was a blast - we had way too much fun, London is definitely a great place to visit. I absolutely love the culture and diversity and ofcourse the FASHION!. If you're in the East area then the Westfield shopping area is a great place to visit/shop. - OMG! tis the biggest shopping area in Europe - I was impressed - I did not buy anything - large stores and crowds confuse the heck out of me - infact I get headaches - :(

2) 100mile running challenge - So I joined this 'secret' FB group , the group is exclusively for women , it's aim is to encourage women to eat and live healthy. The September challenge was to run/walk/jog 100miles and 1000 skips per day - err no skipping for me but I managed to log close to 80miles - even with a bad knee and the holidays - I hope to continue next month

3) Launched the Jo Uthman experience -  Hair, Fitness, Photography, Healthy eating etc more of this to come later

Ok gotta run now - T calls - poor baby is home sick today :( -

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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