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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crotchet braids -Hair update

Did I already say I love Crotchet braids? If not I'm saying it again I love Crotchet braids. I've been rocking it back to back for the past 3months. The older it gets the better it looks .It's affordable and easy to install and manage. Infact the rougher you are with it the better or more natural looking it gets.

My hair is cornrowed nicely underneath and growing very well. Oh did I mention that Henna damaged my hair ? well I must say I overdid the henna treatment - I was hennaing my hair once a week- I also failed to clarify my hair - I did all the no poo or co-wash malarkey that I learnt from the many hair blogs - Anyhoo - i'd save the rants for another post :) - Moral of the story - Watering is good for a plant, but overwatering kills it - had I not almost killed me hair I prolly won't have discovered Crotchet braids :- so it's all good)

Crotchet! Crotchet! rocks

Hair Used - Free Tress - Water wave

Freshly done

After 8weeks

Up do

after 8weeks

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