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Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to Crotchet braid your own hair

Heya ,

Ok I peeked at my blogspot stats and noticed I have over 1500 views - Viewers why are you hiding? at least comment or say hello or something JEEZ!

So you'd noticed that I haven't worn my hair in a fro for yonks now - well maybe 2-3months now. I've been rocking protective styles and this has so far been working for me. Reasons being it's much easier, it's convenient , stress-free and as my hubby calls it the lazy way of looking fly - Yes I'm lazy when it comes to my hair - I really do not have 30mins+ each morning to fuss with hair .

Anyhoo I mustn't digress now - FOCUS JOJO!! ok about a week ago I came across this beautiful hair style on FB. I immediately contacted the lady who gave moi the secret - so willingly - I love it when black chicks share their hair secrets - So thank you Lady V.

Lady V was rocking a big blond fro with single extensions in front. The colour looked great on her skintone. Given I'm darker than nite I knew that blond is definitely not the way to go. Lady V told me the style is called Crotchet braids? Crotchet what??? She explained it but it sounded too complicated so I forgot all about it until maybe a week later - - where I stumbled upon Youtube vids on Crotchet braids....the rest as the say is history

Here's the link to the video I watched for technique Toysvoice

Below are my results


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