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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

INSANITY workout results -

Ok people - I'm been M.I.A now for over a month now - Ok I would say after my Kinky twist I didn't have to bother with my hair thus had no real updates. So what have I been doing since - Well I've been working out - working out like crazy - I've been doing INSANITY workout  like 6 times a week .

Insanity workout dvd is an 60day intense workout dvd by Shaun T. It's def not for the unfit. If you haven't exercised in a long time do not get it - it's not for beginners in my opinion. However if you're truly determined and up for the 60day challenge I'd say it def worth it.

So I really do not know what my weight was b4 - but I was FAT - before my son T was born I was a size 6ish at 155lbs ish then T happened and I gained 55lbs in 9mths. I must say I lost most of the weight after 3mths of giving birth - but somehow during the Christmas hols - I ate like no tomorrow and couldn't stop eating.

Anyhoo - Instead of rambling on - here are before and after pics - this is circa 45days into the workout

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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