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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

QUICK WEAVES are the best protective styles PERIOD !!!

WOW! Did she just type weave ? err yes she did - Do not get me wrong I'm all for natural hair but sometimes a sister needs a break, a change, a new look. I've just realised that being natural to ME means not ever relaxing my hair - like ever - but heck yeah to other styles that keeps me from putting TOXIC chemicals in my hair.

So after I took out my Nubian kinky twist my hair looked extremely dry and I thought I couldn't imagine putting my hair thru another twist - so I figured I'll let it be for awhile and get a WIG in the interim.

After my trip the humongous Super Beauty store in the ghetto Greenbriar Mall - sorry if 'ghetto' is offensive to anyone - but the mall had only Macys, a few other nonsense stores and ofcos a big beauty store(apparently this was once an old circuit city). So yeah it's def the black chics heaven - gosh Did you know that black women spend half a trillion dollars on haircare and weaves a year ? like seriously - read the article here

Anyhoo - yes we are the worlds biggest hair consumers - No one has our type of hair yet we spend billions trying to get others. Are we vain? Are we crazy? Are we fake? Are we superficial? - err you can answer that yourself - personally I say haircare/weaves to blackwomen is like yoga to a white chick - (ok not a good example given I absolutely love yoga myself) - but you the drift - ok ok back to quick weave. So after spending an hour or so in the wig section of the beauty store I decided on this Naomi Campbell' looking one - it was priced at $249 but they was a 50% off special. ...$125 - not bad - for a good quality wig - my friend 'U' was like get it get it - after like maybe 15mins I thought shuu I can't spend $125 on a WIG - how about spending that on my natural hair. So I walked out of the store with nada -

Got home , took a look at my now raggedy natural hair and thought It's either I'm going to chop it all off again or I have to do something QUICK QUICK - so an idea popped in my head to use my old weave extensions to make a wig.

Given I had no idea how to make a wig - I went to good ole youtube for inspiration - that's when I stumble upon Ms Chanda vids on QUICK weaves. I watched the vid ( few times and thot easy piecey I so could do this --
Next day I run to the BSS to get glue and a wig cap - - ok just lost my train of thoughts there arrghhh!!

Anyhoo below are pics of my very 1st QUICK weave - and yes JoJo is making another one tonite - I call my creation Instant glamor by Jo. The hubby was tripped - he's even more bemused with black womens hair now...tehehe

Pro of Quick weave-

  • Instant Glamour
  • Dead easy
  • Inexpensive
  • No damage to hair  
  • Versatile 


  • Right now can't think of one - def the way to go 

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!

INSANITY workout results -

Ok people - I'm been M.I.A now for over a month now - Ok I would say after my Kinky twist I didn't have to bother with my hair thus had no real updates. So what have I been doing since - Well I've been working out - working out like crazy - I've been doing INSANITY workout  like 6 times a week .

Insanity workout dvd is an 60day intense workout dvd by Shaun T. It's def not for the unfit. If you haven't exercised in a long time do not get it - it's not for beginners in my opinion. However if you're truly determined and up for the 60day challenge I'd say it def worth it.

So I really do not know what my weight was b4 - but I was FAT - before my son T was born I was a size 6ish at 155lbs ish then T happened and I gained 55lbs in 9mths. I must say I lost most of the weight after 3mths of giving birth - but somehow during the Christmas hols - I ate like no tomorrow and couldn't stop eating.

Anyhoo - Instead of rambling on - here are before and after pics - this is circa 45days into the workout

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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