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Monday, April 11, 2011

How to make you own Herbal Infused oils.

So lately I've been paying attention to the ingredients in my products - thus been coming across the terms 'herbal infusions, essential oil blends etc - I particularly was keen on the herbal infusion as I currently use a lot of Ayurvedic herbs/powders. One of the oils I use is the Dabur Amla oil - This oil is amazing - it works wonders and it has really thickened my hair and made it grow a wee bit.

Anyhoo - so as they say too much info is prolly not a good thing or maybe it is - well I read the ingredients and JoJo wasn't a happy bunny err Mineral oil, Paraffinum  Liquidum and some other not so good stuff..- so the chef in me started to look for ways to cook my own oil - and Voila! I stumble upon a few online recipes - and made my very own Amla oil ,

-Amla powder
- Brahmi powder
-Coconut oil
-Grapeseed oil
- Wheat germ oil
-Rosemanry EO
-Lavender EO
-Argan EO

How to
Mix the powders and oil in a clean bowl -preferably glass (i used a pyrex beaker) - you can chose to double boil - but good ole lazy me - covered it with cling film wrapped the beaker with towel (not sure why :) and kept it in a dark cupboard for maybe 48-60hrs.....after which oil has separated from the powders and was was right on top and smelled glorious - I 'wacked' out my cheesecloth(ok nada fancy just used an old stocking) and sieved it into a nice clean bottle - this is now my go to oil for deep conditioning, oil treatments and spritz mix etc - I love it !!

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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