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Thursday, March 10, 2011

WOWZER!! March already -

Just realised I've haven't blogged in over a month. Partly due to travels, work, family and Madam P (procrastination). I have so much to write about - not sure how or where to start :( -

Roughly a month ago I set off to my hometown in Southern Nigeria for my Dad's funeral. The trip was actually very smooth - smoother than I anticipated - especially with T (my almost 1yr son), The flight was 10.5hrs long from Atlanta to Nigeria and about 13hrs return. A week to my trip I began the Daniel's fast with my church. I'll blog about this in another post. It was a fantastic experience- spiritually, mentally and physically.

Ok my mind just wandered away and I just spent 2hrs perusing other websites and youtube - now I know why I never get round to blogging - I get distracted way too easily.
I've completely lost my train of thoughts - in order not to kill this entire post I'll continue with what's on my mind now. So my trip to Nigeria and the whole funeral really awakened me. Sounds a wee cliche but we are not the 'body' - we're spirit beings - the body is really a case. Seeing my Dad just lie in the coffin so peaceful brought a whole lot of emotions - at 1st I couldn't quite connect to this 'body' - it wasn't my Dad - he was long gone - we're only burying the case(body) - Now I know it's true when they say the cemetary is full of unfilled dreams, visions and destinies. I'm indeed glad that my Dad lived a very good life. He died a peaceful short death - no long suffering and he lived to see his children's children. 7 children, 18 grandchildren - Amazing eh. He lived well - he left a legacy - I carry him in my heart everyday. Daddy I love you.

Until you lose someone close to you , you never quite know how dear life is - one minute the person is alive and well then next they are asleep to never awaken. This has made me even want to live my life more purposefully and let go of the shackles holding me back. I've always had issues with money - I'm a big saver, extremely thrifty - I will go at all lengths to find the best deal - even if its 50c I still have to get it at the cheapest rate. I cut according to my cloth and never really spend beyond my means. Thus I'm always cash secured. This all will say is a fab trait but my husband on the other hand is the complete opposite. He's extremely free with money - not lousy but he's def ok giving it all away or buying expensive things.
You only live once he tells me. When you hold money tight it never comes back easily -- the funny thing is that the more he spends the more he makes and the more comes in - but for me - I just huddle it all up - and stare at it - lol - we are indeed a good match. I've learnt so much about life, money and faith from husband. My 2nd brother also has this trait - he told me to see money as a figure - never be too scared to spend it -- I guess I got this saving trait from my Dad - Daddy was a big saver. All in all my life has been blessed in so many ways - I'm a giver and saver.

2011 - I'm learning not to hold on tightly to money - I'm not planning on going a huge shopping spree - but I don't want to think twice about it. It will always come back.

Not sure how this post got here - but ah well - at least I completed it.

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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