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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wash and GO !!!

I've been reading and watching a lot of you-tube videos on wash & go -After 3months of wearing my hair naturally - the nightly retwisting/rebraiding my hair each night was becoming a wee tiring. I was also getting bored with the same look - I stumbled on a You-tube wash & go video and thought to try it out.

My hair is 4b type hair - or maybe its even 4c - but somehow I still manage to get the curls out . When it's dry with no products in it - it's dead straight with no curl pattern - but with my Miss Jessies or my new Eco styler gel find I get a curl here and there.

Anyhoo - so my very straightforward and particular husband goes to me err you're hair is always the same, I don't like it like that anymore - why don't you try something else. Ok my husband is actually keen on my appearance from head to toe - I'm talking hair, nails, skin, heels everything gotta be on point - whereas as for me for I can't be arsed - I actually do not like putting the time and effort to my entire appearance (I know very unlady like) - I'm extremely free spirited -or rather can't be bothered - so perhaps the reason we're a match. Some of my friends say their boyfriends or husband don't notice when they change their hairstyles - mine knows when I trim it lol - left to him I'll get my nails, hair etc done weekly and never be allowed to wear flats- I'm just not the type - ah well - at least I'm saving us money.

Ok you see I'm getting distracted again - arrrghhh!!! focus Jojo - ok back to my Wash and Go - - so after the hubby's comment and watching the youtube vids for inspiration - I thought ok I'm going to try this .So I did -

Products I used
Eco styler gel
Jo Uthman's oil mix
Garnier Fructis - Triple Nutrition conditioner
Kinky Curly Come clean shampoo.

How I applied it
I didn't quite follow any particular You-tube tutorial - I sorta worked the above products into my hair.

Step 1 - Clarified hair with Kinky Curly Come clean shampoo
Step 2 - Conditioned with Garnier Fructis
Step 3 - Rinsed off conditioner and spritz hair with Jo Uthman's mix (oil, conditioner and glycerin)
Step 4 - Sectioned hair in 6 parts
Step 5 - Applied Eco styler gel with a bit of Jo Uthman's oil mix - and rake it thru

Now after step 5 my hair looked like a white mop :) - I thought the white stuff wouldn't go away thus I couldn't wait for it to airdry so I sat under a hood dryer for 10mins. - After which my hair was still a wee damp at the roots but 80% dry - I got out of the dryer looked in the mirror and fell in love with my hair - OMG! so you mean my kinky Nigerian hair can look like this .. HA!!  AWESOME !! I walked into the bedroom and the hubby was like what did you do to your hair - I'm like do you like it? he's like yah - this is how you want your hair to look all the time. Now all we have to do is dress the part - cos you can't dress down with cool hair like that - In my head I'm thinking one at a time mate....Anyhoo - enough of the rambling - see below my Wash and Go - my very 1st attempt at it.

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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