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Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural hair is HARDWORK!!!

Ok so about 2days - I almost did an Amber Rose - no not her lifestyle - her hair - I so was going to chop it all off . I had already booked an appointment, told the hubby and made me mind up. In my head I was set to do it Weds afternoon - to never return to hair - it's just too much work.

How did I get here - err not quite sure actually after I discovered wash and go and realised I didn't have to twist/braid my hair each nite I figured it was the way forward. Ecostyler gel kinda left my hair a wee crunchy and dry to touch - I thought why not try something else - so whilst shopping at Whole foods and perusing the natural hair aisle - I was torn between Beautiful Curls, Giovanni hair gel and Jane Carter  - - Thrifty me decided on Beautiful curls. I bought the Leave in conditioner($8.99) and activating cream($10.49). Jo Jo was so excited - I couldn't wait to try the products.

Got home - washed and conditioned my hair , applied the leave in, then twisted my hair with the activating cream, covered me head with a satin bonnet and went off to sleep .

Next morning - unravelled it and was DISAPPOINTED with the results - my hair looked and felt dry - It was somewhat defined - but I hated it - It was limp , lifeless and just DEAD - ok maybe I'm a wee extreme here - but I just didn't like the outcome.

Arrggghh!! What a waste of time and money - now I have to figure out a quick style for work - so I glanced at my Eco styler - and I could see it calling my name - - I jumped in the shower - cowashed with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition, applied Beautiful curls leave in(oh the leave in is FAB - tis the activating cream that was drying) , then applied Eco styler - rake it thru - then stepped back into the shower and did the 'head shaking thingy' - I must say this made a MASSIVE difference - it truly defined my curls. This time round I decided to air-dry and not hood dry - just to see the end results. I must say I'm somewhat pleased with results but where did all my hair go - it shrunk -:(

here's pic's of the twist out and wash and go

Twist out using Beautiful curls

Live simply, Live happily and Remember your life was God's idea. Own it! Live it! Work it!
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