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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


OK from Dec 31st to today Jan 19th plenty has occurred – arrrghhh!! Some really funny ones, like my Pastor’s visit. At the moment I go an all African church (I say at the moment because err maybe I shouldn’t share this but what da heck It’s my blog – I can write what I want too, write what I want too ) J I’ll save this for another post – but right now I’ve parked my fellowship there for now.

There are so many great things about my church – the message is good, the people are great, It feels like a good family to be part of - but why don’t I feel right? :(

Anyhoo, the Pastor and his beautiful wife came visiting after they heard of my Dad’s death – Oh my that in itself blew me away – I’ve never been part of a church whereby the Pastors pays homely visits – this is their 2nd visit to my home – and I’ve only been a member for like 6 or 7mths – totally cool – in short it’s making my decision to leave or not even harder

So Pastor walks in and sees me doing my friend U’s hair – U’s hair is natural.Cutsy Afro – so he walks in and goes 'you can’t do nothing with that hair'. I’m like WOWZER!!

Here’s me now in my 3rd week of rocking my natural hair – he goes "you’re not going back home like that are you", I’m still smiling then thinking this is funny – then he goes further I think natural hair is rough, I won’t take anyone with it seriously, my daughter tried it and it didn’t work – I hope you return to your normal hair (i.e weave). 

HILARITY!! I probably should have taken offense and sparked out but I remember my Dad saying the same thing – my Dad thought my then kinky twist was unprofessional LMBO J

Ahh meanwhile his wife was like you know you can just straighten it and it will be manageable – to spare you the deets we went back and forth on haircare and natural hair etc it was cool to be free with them - - after our hair convos and few more chit chats they prayed and left. Thank you so much Pastor K and B. May God bless you both richly – As you’ve shown us great love, may God bring that your way. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

In the words of U2 – You’ve got One life, One blood, One life, you got to do what you should.

Live Simply, Live Happily and Remember , YOUR LIFE WAS GOD’S IDEA! Own It! Work it!

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