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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

December 31st ,2010

Woke up that early Friday morning!! Still a wee pi***ed of with Daddy T. Daddy T is my wonderful hubby, and of course T is my beautiful son.  I love them so so  much – I thank God everyday for blessing me with such great men …for the sake of privacy I’ll call them T and Daddy T. I love to share but that’s one part of me that I probably won’t dab into in this blog – too precious!

Gosh! I do ramble a lot eh – anyhoo like I was saying – back to December 31st morning – Woke up pretty early – I grabbed my phone to look at the time and It was about 6:20am – I could see a new msg come thru on my FB app – so I though ok let me check this and go back to bed it’s a day-off work so I’m def going to get a lie-in.

The msg read Daddy is in hospital right now, I just got a call frm home now, he need our prayers pls inform **** & others– it was a message from my big bro – I responded at 6:31am – ‘im calling now

I called immediately and heard the worst and saddest news of my life – before I could even say hello – My sister 'U' said Daddy just died 5mins ago – I’m like WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! – then she goes I’ll call you later .

I dropped the phone and I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed - It was like someone hit me with the biggest blow , I couldn’t breathe for like 2mins – This isn’t true! – It can’t be! Daddy always goes to the hospital but bounces right back - - so I gathered myself together and called my big sis in NY – whilst crying uncontrollably I told her Daddy just died – she too was in shock- she said ok , ok , ok, ok I’ll call you back – click!

The next 24hrs was weird – I cried, I cried with Daddy T, I cried with T (whilst he was laughing and wondering what is my Mummy doing), I thanked God, I prayed,  I listened to klove, I talked to my 3 amigos in London, I reminisced on my childhood days – It was still surreal!

I called my Mum and she narrated the whole story – my Daddy died after cardiac arrest within minutes of getting to the hospital he passed away. I was angry at 1st that he would go like this after we all tried to get him to come to the US for treatment – then I thought it is well. He perhaps was tired and was ready :(

The past few years Daddy started to soften up (not that he was ever hard especially to me) – but I’m talking mushy stuff – Daddy would call and blow kisses on the phone, he would tell me he loves me after each call –(in my head I’m like since when? is it because of the cable tv-lol) – But I cherish those memories now.

<singing> I got my baby back , I got my baby back, eh, eh, eh! Eh, eh, eh eh. That was my song. – My Daddy sang that to me all the time – I was his baby the very last card , the 'Omo mo' (small child).

In my house the best part of whole chicken was saved for Daddy and I –we drank shots together, I dyed his hair, he taught me how to play draughts –infact we made the draughts game together (i.e the board, the pieces), he taught me Technical drawing when I was struggling in my TD class back in junior high. He was so caring – ‘Baby’(i.e moi) had to have the best, I have so many great memories of Daddy but the best of all was his prayers. My Daddy always prays – Anytime I call he would call me by my full names – always starting with QUEEN and ending with ‘Baby’ even after marriage , and being a mother my parents still call me Baby (lol) –

I never quite knew why I was so grounded, so focused, so determined, so hardworking (yea I’m all of that and some – err how do you like em apples) – tehehe! – anyhoo – It simply wasn’t my doing – I found Christ later on in life so I can’t even say it was my prayers to God - because I didn’t pray at all - - but now I know it was the prayers of my earthly Father - I had an excellent childhood – my foundation was rock solid – all thanks to my parents. 

We had a prayer ritual which is common in my native hometown – It’s the KOLANUT ritual. My Dad prayed for all of us individually with a Kolanut. Being the baby I was always last – it went from my mom, sisters, brothers to me. It was a simple tradition then but those words (prayers) were powerful –

Gosh this post is becoming longer than I originally planned but I can’t seem to stop – shuu I can talk and write for England – non-literary writing though(if there’s such a term) – I suck at English writing – I write as I speak – I can’t be arsed with the formalism – shuu!!

Anyhoo, before I lose my train of thoughts – the Kolanut ritual was powerful! – when it came to my turn , I would kneel in front of my Dad and he would grab the kolanut and he would start professing goodness into my life – specific prayers – out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh – that indeed is true – my Dad’s heart was open- he professed blessings upon blessings….all in my local dialect – but he would say things like ‘wherever you go my daughter, you will shine brightly’, ‘you will never lack’, no harm shall befall you, you’ll see your children’s children, you’ll be blessed, you child will be blessed, you shall be a blessing wherever you go…

PHEW!! I NEED TO STOP – I’m getting teary eyed again – ok ok – that’s it –

Live simply, live happily, let your light shine and Remember your LIFE WAS GOD’S IDEA.
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